I have always had a lot of ideas to solve problems in different fields since childhood and dreamed of putting those ideas into action. At high school, I thought I had to be an engineer in order to achieve this goal. So, I tried hard for the university entrance exam and I was accepted in Electrical Engineering at the University of Tehran in 2005. After five semesters, I realized that this major could not satisfy my desires and I needed a more creative and innovative life. Therefore, I decided to change my field of study to “Industrial Design” in 2008.



During my studies, I started working as an interior designer on and off-campus, and as I completed some interior design projects, my interest in design even grew more. After I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2012, I started working more seriously. Consequently, I decided to run my own business. I established the company “Ati Ram Pardis Ltd.”, provided some wood machinery and employed workers for the workshop. Soon after, I found a good market for modern lighting, so I added a production line of modern lighting fixtures. The company participated in the 4th international exhibition of MIDEX in 2014 in Tehran to introduce the brand “Arpdesign”. The feedbacks were very positive and constructive and I found many great clients there. I continued expanding the business, ran a retail store and contracted with corporations. Eventually, I stepped down as CEO and put my sister in charge of the business in 2018 to travel to the United States.



After observing the emerging software industry in the US which was so fascinating for me, I started learning software product design and management. Then I applied for the Master of Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University to become familiar with the startup ecosystem in Toronto. During the completion of my master’s degree, I partnered up with one of my classmates and we hired a team to develop the web application and website for “Teeem” (teeem.ca) which is a collaboration tool for instructors and students with a completely new approach. Later we changed the name to Pandos and released the first official version in April 2020.

“I believe liberating human potential may be done not at the individual level, but at the collective level.”

The most enjoyable value I found in my life is problem-solving and designing new solutions for people. I thrive on teamwork and I’m passionate about making new business relationships. I believe liberating human potential may be done not at the individual level, but at the collective level.